On age achievement retirement and such

My perspectives are a bit altered because I at home recuperating from a minor operation. Sometimes when you get sick and sitting in your own company you often times see things differently, do yo know that song “Differently by RALPF GRAHAM”? anyway at this age I often give thanks a lot while I ask questions at the same time. Michael Jackson (MJ) had so much if compared to me this little boy from Cocking Hill/Benbow (hard to find on the map) in St. Catherine. I give thanks because I am alive, gosh i am in so many ways, in the midst of my friends family and those who don’t care too much for me. I am alive and have accomplished much. I am not comparing myself not really (I hear Desiderata ringing in my head) i just saying, what is life worth if not to be a vessel to somehow be used to carry some thing or worth? Truthfully, I don’t think I have done enough but I will do more. Back to MJ, he brought happiness to many, a real vessel but some times I still ask is it worth it and if it is to who? Is it worth it to please the whole world and loose so much…. I am just asking. Ops its about retirement too, don’t? Ha… sometimes my wings make me fly away from the point..be patient with me,, the Lord not finished with me and a don’t retire as yet…let’s just pause and smell the rose/plant just enjoy this life..Image



About tomlin in jamaica

One person in one country in one world, after all we are all one people. Thats what i think, but what do i know, i am just one person.


  1. My dear, kind friend………I cherish you and your company ever since we met. You have been a precious soul since then and will always continue to be. I am elated that we met and can be friends. You carry a lot but retirement soon approaches……lol…….so do drop the unnecessary. Let God carry for you……..He is ever willing. Let life be worth living for Him, please Him and Him alone, and everyone and everything will fall in its proper place. I loved MJ, he has thought me bout life and trying to win others……..but nahhh, not dis Trini…….not again. He did so much but there are a lot of us who truly loved him. His legacy shall live on……..who can dance like he did?? Hmmmmm………lol. God blessed us all, including the little boy from Cocking Hill, Benbow, St. Catherine…..you know that! So continue to show your love and all shall be well. Respect!!

  2. emstrong

    Wow! Very philosophical! I’m at home recuperating from major surgery…and haven’t had such deep thoughts:-) I do believe that we must try our best to enjoy the simple moments, and the present ( appreciating the journey with less focus on the destination)…and to be good to people.

    • tomlin

      wish you well in your recovery, i agree with what you say..Again i wish you well. Hall Anthony Ellis wrote a poem about life should be so simple, wish i could find it..

  3. Pat Jackson

    Interesting thoughts….. and of course as usual you never draw attention to yourself. I am happy it was a minor surgery and even more glad that you are ok.

    What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. God is always in Control….. Love and Blessings…
    By the Way I still have yet to get those pictures.

  4. Jay

    Quite interesting Boss!

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