A New Year

It is always the same, uncertainties, wide open windows and doors, blank pages waiting for poems blogs and such to come and start a relationship with, and so too the fear, the excitement and the anxiety of approaching anything new. I know for sure there are poems in me waiting to come pouring out and ideas to be shared and some just to have a good laugh at; you know those, right? well, some times i wait to long to step out and be touched, like stepping out on a empty dance floor with eyes all over, all on you. You know once the music hits you “you feel no pain ” thanks BoB Marley” but still u wait.

I have decided I wont wait so much this year, i am stepping out there, have you ever seen Michael Thompson (Kool97fm) or Mr. Castro (formally cement company) there are several others, ok ok like the show off steppers at Merritone at Waterfalls on a Thursday night? you know the type, they step and step until the faint of hearts step out and before you know it there is no place for the original steppers to step? so I will be stepping out early and more this year. There are poems to be written CDs to create, photos to be taken and most of all persons to be loved. This year I want to be kinder and love more, yes yes i know some “a unnu” hard to love but i will try. So that’s it for now, i will share some photos here and maybe a video.. Oh i forget; I hope to be performing more, so watch out for that. One question; they make Shandy still? is it still in glass bottles or plastic? I hear is the WAVE doing it now. Look folks if unno come and see me no bother with them not so nice behavior  LOL LOL if unnu nuh like what  going on, turn to the person sitting next to you and ask “what him doing up there?” by time they figure out the answer my time will be up and I will be off, leaving you to wonder; are they cheering his performance of they clapped him down. OK? so blessed love and whole heap of guidance until a touch the page/press again.

Kool Regards a pressing onImageImage


Some great selectors, thanks Bellamy


About tomlin in jamaica

One person in one country in one world, after all we are all one people. Thats what i think, but what do i know, i am just one person.



    Tomlin how Shandy come een? And it not even rhyme! Mek sure we see u more in 2013. Love u bro, thank God u r one of the easier ones to love! Happy New Year and a very Productice 2013 to u sir!

    • Your memory short, not so long ago they used to use Shandy bottles to “stone” run people of the stage. remember Maxi Priest, Bunny Wailer and many others? I hear they wave you off now if there are no bottles. Thanks for responding

  2. Joy

    Loved it; inspired me to do more reflecting and writing.

  3. Janet

    I look forward to reading more. I will be following ur footsteps too with my blog.
    And I am looking forward to being one of those persons you will be “loving more” 🙂 Nuff love

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