Another Night Of Wondering


Another Night Of Wondering—The Anniversary

Just now I placed myself
cowardly behind my thoughts
allowing them freedom to go back
where I can’t

to search for answers
and clues I might have missed.

This anniversary of blazing bullets
bandage and bleeding
begs of me to find a deeper comfort zone
to hide even
cause believe me I am not resting right
where I am now
still no closer to conquer this nagging bother
this puzzle that wraps itself in rumors
points to prove and guilt
this thing that still shakes my foundation
I cannot but believe that scary as it feels
my thoughts will rock me even more
way beyond this anniversary of disaster

Gosh man,
I must bow and believe in the strength of my thoughts
and find in them hope
or sink to new depth in my comfort zone
scarred like them both

and their families.


About tomlin in jamaica

One person in one country in one world, after all we are all one people. Thats what i think, but what do i know, i am just one person.

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