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I got this recently, what do you think?

Profiling God

Profiling is defined as the act or process of extrapolating information about a person based on known traits or observed characteristics or behavior. The bible encourages us to do this to God, yes profile God.

The bible in several books encourages the faithful to seek out God and in Daniel the point is made that those who know God will be “strong.” In other passages we are told to not lean on our “own understanding.”

Now this is where it gets quite interesting.

The understanding that we are therefore to trust invariably is that of God.

Yet, a man like David, is said to be a man after God’s own heart; David who committed murder, fornication, lust, envy etc. Curious!

Church leaders today would quickly “read out” such a person, guess they aren’t leaning on God’s understanding.

Having said that, I’m sure a biblical scholar could easily pivot on this point and speak to God’s loving- kindness and capacity for forgiveness in an effort to deflect from the core point of inconsistent logic.

However, in attempting to truly profile God, let’s go to the beginning, just like those psychologist do and look at childhood, the best we have is the creation of the world at least as Christianity presents it.

According to Genesis, God made all things including the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad. The obvious question as to why create such a tree notwithstanding, the deeper question would be; why create man?

The bible through its many pages gives the answer; for man to worship God.


An all-powerful being (some may say Alien) created mortal man to worship him/her?

Is it therefore fair for society to chastise and call selfish parents who bring forth multiple children in a hope that at least one of these children will one day take care of them in their old age?

Aren’t these parents just being Godly? Selfish, Narcissistic, unconcerned with the “little stuff” like the suffering and pain as long as that overall main plan of worship, devotion and giving love is achieved.

Is this really the core nature of God? Or have we been fed a diet born of persons like Narcissus from Greek mythology and canonized by the Nicean Council of AD 787 as the embodiment of what Christians ought to believe, and the very nature of the God of such a faith?

Should God be more?

If you cause my house to burn and save me from the burning building are you really a hero?


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