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As I face a dilemma, I ponder what to do.  Let me point out, at age 25, most will not be thinking that at age 50, they will be obese.  Oh, no.  Getting  fat.  Nah, nah,  no.  I will remain just the same skinny way I am now.  Yeah, never crossed mind, obese…. No, no.
Yes, add a day, add an ounce.  Now, breakfast, how do I break my fast for this morning.  I must face the reality, my maturing body needs more specific food reliance care.  I must now be more selective of the amount of calories and carbs generated by each piece of potato, yam, banana.  The dietician informed me, “half-a banana”.  Half a banana?, I tried eating half a boiedl green banana with some ackee and salt-fish.  By the time the half melted and disappeared down my throat, I went and put the other half in the pot and waited for it to cook, who crazy, me or the food advisor.  Foregoing the crisp texture of the well fried edge of a piece of plantain, use one egg yoke (oh yes, maintain the flava) with 2 maybe 3 whites.
Now, I am grateful that both my parents provided me with an excellent gene pool.  Both, thankfully, were intellectually invested in the art of feeding their bodies and that of their children with the naturally grown ground provisions so abundantly produced from the blessed soil of Jamaica.  I can never thank my dad enough for every Thursday evening, going to Cornation market after work, strapping himself with the big crocus bag of food he brought from the market as the country people came in, “straight from the groun”, den on Saturday evenings it was my duty to take the bus  from Vineyard Town to down-town  get the hot-from-the- oven duck bread.
As a run-away from Jamaica, I can no longer have such enjoyment.
Now, my doctor informed me that I need vitamin “D”.  After tirelessly researching and not finding sources of this vitamin besides the sun to burn my blessed melanin supplied  skin which is very sensitive to UV rays she informed me that I can get it from almond milk.  Well, I tried goat milk, though, check this out, it is pasturized, then the vitamins added, make me ponder owning a goat farm  so that I can just get my fresh milk on a regular basis.  Just as my dad grew his own chickens so that we would not have to eat the eggs from the supermarket.  So back to almond milk, if a gallon of almond milk sells for $3.00 what is in that container that I am putting in my body.  Now, I remember almond trees in Jamaica, getting 1 nut from each fruit how many do you consider would be needed to make 1 gallon of almond milk, ok, so, what exactly is in that engineered almond milk and is it helping my body in any way besides probably  setting me up for more doctor appointments in the near future.  
So here is my dilemma, I am finally dong something, emptying my refrigerator.  By that I mean, using all  or most of the food currently in there and restocking with more bodily friendly weight maintaining food for my body type. 
What will my meals consist of today?.  
How do I plan my future meals, particularly breakfast.  I am not comfortable with “almond milk” and the pasturized goat’s milk, so how do I get this “V D”.  Young folks, this is also important to you, plan for your future, hoping that you will be around for one. 
Soy milk, and what is thing new fad, all I wanna eat no matter what until  the “die –a – bêtes” announcement,  then going on this “shake”  in the morning and a meal later diet.  That is not for me, or, I will, ok, time for me to formulate my “shake recipes”.  Yes.  Great idea.  
So, my iron pan on the stove is hot, waiting to fry slices of sweet potato to go with my Brunswick sardine.  The same one I ate as a child, because it is the only one my body  tells me that it will allow.  Listen to your body folks, it tells you just what it wants.  
Yes, did you see where I mentioned the all important e-x-e-r-c-i-s-e.  Why have I been so resentful of this activity lately, do you see that vital important factor which is missing.  My dad who at 85 was still doing pull-ups on his mango tree would be so disappointed.
So now, I am looking forward to be a gormandizer designer.



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One person in one country in one world, after all we are all one people. Thats what i think, but what do i know, i am just one person.

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