Another Night Of Wondering, Aplaying Base tonight

 Another Night Of Wondering

If I could play lead tonight

not with the traditional high scale

picking guitar

nor the horns blowing

between the rifts.

No a coming hard tonight

with mi standing base

between my legs

upright straight and plucking


let someone else play

second fiddle

with by themselves

I want strong vibrations and crescendos

shivering and shaking

with pauses long enough

between the contractions

to evoke steam and release screams

like karche out a factory

not in droplets,


… (to be continued when the music and wondering start again)


About tomlin in jamaica

One person in one country in one world, after all we are all one people. Thats what i think, but what do i know, i am just one person.


  1. I can hear the music restarting, faintly… 🙂

    • Good one, good one.. but i think a Petchary hears much better than we humans, that’s why we cant sneak up on them so Trying to figure where i should put my ear, closer to the ground or up in the air.. Well Petcgary Kingdom is where it is, so i think I know where I will put my ears..
      Thanks for the comment

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